Scholarships for Engineering Students with a Focus on Diversity

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Executive Summary Evidence is clear that a more diverse workforce is a more impactful and professional workforce. Although local companies are ready to leverage this productivity, the supply is not there. The Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education reports that engineering jobs in Kentucky will increase 11.2% by 2029, outpacing the national average and driving the need for college degrees. The University of Kentucky (UK) College of Engineering understands our critical role in the talent pipeline for producing exceptional engineers in this region and throughout the country. That is why we are changing the system to make it work better. The College of Engineering is uniquely positioned with both upstream and downstream influence as we recruit and engage middle and high school students and as we listen to our industry partners to stay relevant and place students in cooperative learning opportunities and into the workforce. We understand that two key barriers for a more diverse student body are access and affordability. To help alleviate these barriers, the College will be adding new degree programs that focus on engineering technology with hands-on skills and less rigorous mathematical requirements. This department will create needed supply in an engineering focus area widely identified as the primary driver of future job growth. We are also committing to generating scholarship funding available to recruit a diverse population of future engineers. More scholarships will make getting a higher education in engineering more affordable and open opportunities up to a broader cross-section of applicants. UK is in a position of both influence and responsibility. Together, with your support, we can address the systemic problems with Kentucky’s talent pipeline so that everyone can benefit from a better and more diverse workforce.
Effective start/end date1/1/226/30/26


  • Hearst Foundations: $125,000.00


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