Scope C: Whole Genome Analysis of Pathogen-Host Recognition and Subsequent Responses in the Rice Blast Patho-System -- REU Supplement

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Plan of Work University of Kentucky - Dr. Mark Farman (October 1,2003 - September 30,2004) . generate 10,000 mutants and enter all mutant phenotype data into phenoDB. By the end of May, 2004, we expect to have isolated the 25,000 mutants that were planned. We don't foresee any obstacles to meeting this goal. We also expect to have over 50% of the mutants analyzed for growth rate, sporulation, pigment and auxotrophy. Sequences flanking the vector insertion site will be amplified from mutants that are reduced in fitness, as well as those showing reduced pathogenicity. . .
Effective start/end date5/16/059/30/05


  • North Carolina State University


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