Scope: Diabetes and Schools C3551: FY23 Diabetes 1815 EAYR3

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SECTION 2-SCOPE OF SERVICES 2.00-Services Required The UKRF shall: 1. Convene and collaborate with stakeholders/task force it has developed, including pediatric diabetes providers, unlicensed school staff, school nurses, the Kentucky Department of Education, Department for Public Health School Health Branch, and Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, diabetes educators, the Kentucky Board of Nursing, and others, to address issues related to the safety of children and adolescents with diabetes in school. 2. Specifically, the team will provide oversight and expertise to the development and dissemination of an “on demand” training curriculum for school nurses to utilize as a guide in training unlicensed school support staff to ensure the safety of children and adolescents with diabetes at school. This includes development of the content, facilitating expert review of the content, development of additional materials as the current school environment dictates, recording/delivery of the online/video modules. 3. Drafting of two new Diabetes in School modules focused on 1) Type 2 Diabetes in Youth, and 2) Diabetes Technology. 4. Work with online training provider (via University of Kentucky) to record, produce/update the training videos or other materials, and house them for on demand access. This includes recording, production, and post-production of the training content; online posting of the content and associated web-based materials for online access; accreditation of the educational content including assistance with educational design according to standards; and evaluation/reporting related to the online activity. 5. Partner with the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) to promote awareness of the Diabetes in Schools content on the KDE website. Continuing Education credits will be provided for nurses 2.01-Deliverables UKRF shall: • Convene task force at least 1-2 times annually (virtually or in person); • Facilitate expert review of the content/materials; • Record and house-training modules with an online education provider (at UK or DPH) to provide on demand access; • Provide Continuing Education credit for nurses completing the training; and • Collect and provide evaluation data about training participants including the number of people accessing the training, geographical information about those accessing the training, success with the module content, and participant satisfaction at least annually. • Facilitate an annual review of the content and evaluation data collected May 1 of each year and update the content and/or delivery mechanism as indicated.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/23


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services


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