Scope: Project 2-New Surficial Geologic Mapping and NCGMP GeMS Compilation Projects for Kentucky

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New Surficial Geologic Mapping and NCGMP GeMS Compilation Projects for Kentucky This proposal requests support for new surficial geologic mapping along the Interstate 65 (I-65) corridor in two actively growing counties (Project 1) and GeMS compilation projects as prioritized by the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (Project 2). Project 1 will complete eight new 1:24,000-scale surficial geologic quadrangle maps and Hardin County, and provide a new surficial geologic map of Warren County, which will all have immediate value to these rapidly developing areas of Kentucky (Figure 1). Project 1 is also situated in a geologically unique region that will provide an opportunity to examine relationships of surficial deposits to groundwater resources, geologic hazards (sinkholes, landslides, and radon exposure), and landscape evolution processes of the Midwestern United States. Project 2 will provide statewide GeMS compatible geodatabases of geologic map component data as Phase 1 of a statewide 3D geologic map of Kentucky. The Project 2 deliverables will include Level-3 GeMS geodatabases of (1) type boreholes and well logs with stratigraphic tags and lithologic characterization from previous mapping and published regional geologic projects, (2) key geologic map contacts from published 2D maps, (3) structural contour maps of key horizons from published 2D geologic maps where available, and (4) regional subsurface structural contour maps from numerous published regional map syntheses and studies. This project is intended to satisfy Guidance Elements 3 and 5 of the current StateMap Program Announcement by ensuring that the relevant publications are correctly and completely updated and tagged in the NGMDB, and by providing GeMS-compliant geodatabases of the relevant data from those projects. In addition to the GeMS files, the resulting statewide database of key structural horizons (3D contacts) will be summarized into the vector format currently being evaluated by USGS FedMap (D. Sweetkind) for compiling and transmitting multiple 3D surfaces in vector format. Both projects have been designed in cooperation with the KSGMAC to fulfill short-term priorities and support the long-term mapping plan of the KGS, build upon current and previously funded STATEMAP projects, produce new, detailed, publicly available digital datasets, and address federal priorities of the NCGMP.
Effective start/end date9/17/219/16/22


  • US Geological Survey


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