Scope: Rebekah Radtke & Jeffrey Johnson: China into Colleges Grant 2020

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AbstractThe Global Studio team is developing the Beijing + Cincinnati parallel to the current design studio which includes transcribing interviews with Chinese architects, University of Kentucky collaborators, and comments from the final reviews and transcribing them into Chinese. Both the English and Chinese versions of the texts are in the process of being copyedited. The book format and integration of collages, assemblages, diagrams, and final projects from spring 2019 continues through June 2020. The final boards, in the imaging fabricators are fully open due to Covid-19, will take place in the early summer months. We will send the book for printing in late-June, early-July. The Global Studio will have curated artifacts from the Spring 2019 and Spring 2020 studios along with two volumes of the Global Studio publication prepared in advance of the 10th Anniversary of the University of Kentucky Confucius Institute in October 2020.
Effective start/end date1/1/1011/30/20


  • Confucius Institute Headquarters of China


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