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The project will involve the design, fabrication, installation, testing, and analysis of a slipstream facility located at LG&E-KU’s E.W.Brown Generating Station to demonstrate an innovative carbon capture system that utilizes heat integration with the main power plant. The design, start-up, and baseline of the pilot system will be performed with a generic 30 wt% mono-ethanol amine (MEA) solvent to obtain data for direct comparison with National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) reference case and Hitachi’s proprietary H3-1 that will be tested in the project. Parametric test campaigns, system transient dynamic studies, and long-term continuous verification tests of the heat integration process and for each of the solvents will be conducted. The series of transient tests will quantify the ability of the carbon capture system to follow load demand, flue gas conditions and individual component operation. Concurrent with the continuous verification runs, corrosion evaluation and solvent degradation (liquid and gaseous emissions) studies will be conducted. The potential heat integration, solvent and water management, and CO2 capture system stability and operability will be the main focus points.
Effective start/end date7/1/126/30/14


  • KY Energy and Environment Cabinet


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