See Grant: Consortium Development for Western Kentucky Deep Gas Exploration

  • Drahovzal, James (PI)

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As both the cost and increasing demand for natural gas make headlines, the search for new sources of gas in Kentucky takes on added importance. The Kentucky Geological Survey at the University of Kentucky, working in partnership with the Kentucky Office of Energy Policy, will conduct a one-year project to develop a consortium of oil and gas industry partners to encourage long-term natural gas exploration in Kentucky. This partnership will seek private funding and federal grants to focus on a major study of a geologic structure known as the Rough Creek Graben in western Kentucky to assess its natural-gas production potential. Nationally, natural gas use is expected to grow 40% during the next 20 years, and only 41% of the gas now used in Kentucky comes from gas-producing fields in the state. The $91,000 project, led by Jim Drahovzal of the Geological Survey, will help to meet Governor Fletcher's Comprehensive Energy Strategy goals of keeping Kentucky's energy costs low and responsibly developing the state's energy resources. It is also in line with recommendations in the Energy Strategy to determine the state's natural gas reserves, create university-industry partnerships for research and development, and leverage federal funding for such partnerships.
Effective start/end date1/1/063/31/07


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