Seed Grant: Ceria-based Binary Oxide Catalysts for the Production and Purification of Hz

  • Davis, Burtron (PI)
  • Jacobs, Gary (CoI)

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The aim is to develop ceria-based catalysts from solid binary solutions of the form (Cel-XMXOZ) with select metal oxides for the production and purification of hydrogen from fossilbased (e.g., coal, natural gas, petroleum) and biorenewable resources. These materials are expected to exhibit improved chemical and physical characteristics, including surface reduction temperature, extent of reduction, number of active sites, reactivity of active sites, and robustness, which will offer superior activity and stability under catalytic reaction conditions. The expectations are to double the activity oftoday's metal/ceria catalysts, and to reduce the reaction operating temperature to increase Hz purity by 300%, for use in fuel cell applications. Finally, we aim to define catalyst deactivation phenomena, so that the catalyst formulation can be enhanced to improve stability.
Effective start/end date1/1/062/28/07


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