Seed Grant: Development of Heterogeneous Catalysts for Improved Biodiesel Production

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There is a need for improved processing techniques to hring the cost of production of down, \\hile still producing high quality biodiesel. In a collahorati\e project between Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering and the Center for Applied Energy Research at the L'ni\ersity of Kentuck\. the utilization of an improl'cd catalyst is being in\'estigated. This improved catalyst should reduce the formation of SOJpS and salts and allow for the recolcry of the catal) sl le)r repealed use. These tllO !Catures hale the potential to improlc the production of biodiesel and glycerol, producing a better pr()duct at a reduced cost.
Effective start/end date1/1/0612/31/07


  • KY Office of Energy Policy: $128,749.00


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