Seed Grant: Resolution of the Technical Obstacles Impeding Commercial Production of Briquetted Fuels from Coal and Biomass Wastes

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Project Goal: The project will be narrowly focused on resolving technical obstacles that impede commercial production of a briquetted fuel from wastes generated in the coal, timber, and agriculture industries of Kentucky. It is anticipated that the successful resolution of these obstacles will help to launch an industry that addresses all three ofthe guiding principles used in the development of Kentucky's Energv policy: Namely, lower-cost energy via production of a high-quality, low-cost fuel; responsible utilization of energy resources by beneficial use of energy-containing resources that are now being discarded; and a commitment to the environment through production of a fuel that both burns clearer and simultaneously reduces the amount of waste material that has been and continues to be discarded. The project specifically addresses four of the recommendations of the 2005 Comprehensive Energy Strategy including Recommendation I8-promotion of renewable resources; Recommendation 33-recovery of refuse associated with abandoned mine wastes; Recommendation 36-transformation of waste materials to value-added products; Recommmendation 42-responsible development of our energy resources in a low-cost and and environmentally-friendly manner.
Effective start/end date5/1/066/30/08


  • KY Office of Energy Policy: $93,413.00


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