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SEER-2023-02 Abstract The ability to perform genomic sequencing on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue has existed for nearly two decades. However, the technology to conduct DNA next generation sequencing, RNA Sequencing and methylation profiling using FFPE tissue has improved dramatically in recent years. Immunohistochemical staining techniques to identify both the presence and activity levels of many proteins (signaling molecules) in FFPE tissue has also substantially improved. These new technological advances are allowing investigators to use FFPE tissue specimens for scientific research that was impossible just a few years ago. The central cancer registry can serve as a Virtual Tissue Repository (VTR) to obtain “population-based” samples of FFPE tissue needed for studies. The Kentucky Cancer Registry (KCR) has been a leader in developing the concept of using the central cancer registry as a population-based VTR. KCR is the legally authorized cancer surveillance system for the Commonwealth. KCR knows the location of the pathology labs in the area covered by the Registry where FFPE tissue from all cancer patient surgeries and biopsies are stored. The Registry also has legal authority to obtain all information regarding each cancer case. Thus, the registry can draw a scientific sample of cases from which tissue is needed and serve as the “honest broker” to obtain the specimens. Obtaining a scientific sample of patient tissues allows the central registry to serve as a “population-based” VTR and elevates the science by facilitating studies with strong external validity.
Effective start/end date9/15/239/14/24


  • National Cancer Institute: $142,836.00


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