Seismic Evaluation of the Parkways in Western Ky

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OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study is to conduct a seismic evaluation of the bridges on and/or over the Parkways in Western Kentucky. TASKS: The following tasks will be carried out on bridges on and over the Parkways in Western Kentucky: A- Field Inspection: Conduct field inspection of bridges, their approaches and embankments along the Parkways, and compare bridge plans with "as built" bridges. B- Prioritization: Prioritize the seismic evaluation of bridges/approaches/embankments, and conduct an evaluation based on a projected moderate seismic event (or 50-year event) along the New Madrid seismic zone. C- Retrofit Measures: Propose retrofit measures as needed. BACKGROUND: Bridges, their corresponding approaches, and embankments on and over the Parkways in Western Kentucky have not been evaluated for a seismic event along the New Madrid seismic zone. Due to the potential economic impact on the western part of the Commonwealth, a seismic evaluation is essential for determining the seismic vulnerability of the corridor. EXPECTED BENEFITS: To mitigate partial or total collapse of bridges along the Parkways in Western Kentucky as a result of a moderate seismic event. To identify roadway embankments anticipated to require rapid rehabilitation to restore the functional utility of the Parkways after a seismic event. FY 2006 ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Completed 80% of work on Tasks B and C. The final reports (a total of fives) are in preparations. FY 2007 PROPOSED WORK: Complete the work on Tasks B and C, and submit the final reports. PROJECTED COST THROUGH FY 2006: PROGRAMMED COST FY 2007: TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: $312,000 $ 65,000 $405,000
Effective start/end date7/1/066/30/07


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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