Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing in Medicaid Populations

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Jeff Talbert, in his research capacity, will contribute to the project’s objective by conducting state-specific Medicaid analyses to assess syphilis testing among pregnant Medicaid beneficiaries as well as rates of STI testing of state Medicaid beneficiaries on PrEP via the following responsibilities: Scope of Work: - Participating on monthly methods core calls; - Advising on coding and data protocols that they will be adopting for their own state-specific data analyses; - Assisting in communicating with their state’s Medicaid representatives; - Conducting analyses on contractor’s state Medicaid data and report results project coordinators; and - Assisting in synthesis of data and drafting of manuscript.
Effective start/end date7/1/207/31/21


  • AcademyHealth: $50,000.00


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