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Kentucky Kinship Information, Navigation, and Support (KY-KINS) provides paraprofessional, non-clinical peer support services to kinship care providers in Kentucky, thus improving access to support, information, and needed resources. KY- KINS supports program participants in an array of “life” areas, including home stresses and challenges, familial dynamics, goal setting, and social relationships. KY-KINS seeks to create a strong social support network easily accessible by participants in times of need. In so doing, the program aims to reduce the risk of placement instability among kinship providers. Objective I: Recruit, hire, train, and certify two (2) full-time paraprofessional peer supporters to provide structured peer support and outreach to kinship caregivers in two pilot regions Concurrent to finalizing the certification framework, two peer supporters who are kinship caregivers (one in each of the selected pilot regions) will be recruited. Peer Supporters are trained professionals who promote positive behavior through experiential sharing, behavior modeling, goal setting, skill development, promoting self-efficacy, and fostering the development of healthy social capital. Qualifications for peer supporters are established with input from DCBS personnel and other partners familiar with the needs of kinship providers. Criteria for KY-KINS peer supporters will be informed by existing peer support frameworks. Peer supporters take part in a rigorous kinship peer support training protocol known as Kinship Peer Supporter Certification Training. The training is a hybrid-format that includes an initial face-to-face training (approximately 42.5 hours) and five (5) online modules (approximately 50 minutes each). Upon completion of the training, individuals will receive the Kinship Peer Supporter Certification through the UK College of Social Work’s Office of Professional Development and Continuing Education (OPDCE). Objective II: Foster and develop peer-to-peer relationships between kinship caregivers and paraprofessional peer supporters After a referral is received, program personnel link the regional peer supporter with the kinship caregiver/client to initiate contact and begin the intake process. During the first face-to-face meeting, the peer supporter discusses program parameters and expectations with the client. After the initial meeting, the peer supporter maintains regular contact with the client. The peer supporter initiates contact with their client at least two times per week. Contact between KY-KINS peer supporters and clients may take several forms (e.g., phone calls, texts, face-to-face meetings, etc.). KY-KINS utilizes a GROW coaching and mentorship model for ongoing supervision and support for KY-KINS Peer Supporters. This model allows supporters to not only receive job-specific guidance and mentorship, but also coaching and mentoring related to providing adept peer support services to kinship caregivers in Kentucky. Each peer supporter receives structured supervision for a minimum of two hours weekly from the KY-KINS Program Coordinator. Objective III: Evaluate the impact of KY-KINS on kinship caregivers’ perceived social and professional support KY-KINS will utilize a multi-faceted, pre-experimental protocol. This protocol utilizes Proposed Scope of Work University of Kentucky, College of Social Work Training Resource Center Kentucky Kinship Information, Navigation, and Support (KY-KINS) July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021 immediate, short and mid-term, and longitudinal evaluation procedures, and employs a mixed-method approach (i.e., use quantitative/qualitative data). Findings from the evaluation will yield results not only related to participation and satisfaction with the initiative, but the impact of KY-KINS. This evaluation plan extends beyond FY 2021. Objective IV: Initiate a statewide needs assessments related to current support group services proffered to kinship caregivers TRC researchers and staff will conduct a statewide needs assessment related to existing face-to-face support groups. This assessment will focus on identifying current structures for kinship support groups, strengths/deficits associated with these structures, and ways to strengthen the support group network. Objective V: Develop/launch virtual support group services in two pilot regions Two virtual support groups in the selected pilot regions will be launched following the needs assessment related to current support group services proffered to kinship caregivers. Objective VI: Develop and implement ongoing virtual service provision plans Program staff will develop and implement continuity plans for KY-KINS service provision using virtual platforms and technologies. These virtual service provision plans will be executed as needed to ensure the continuity of KY-KINS services.
Effective start/end date7/1/206/30/21


  • KY Department of Community Based Services: $199,707.00


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