Shot at Life Global Advocacy MiniGrant

  • Sharma, Akshay (PI)

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Conference project--a half-day conference for med students, resident and pediatricians at UK in August 2013 to educate, advocate and spread awareness about global immunization and vaccine preventable diseases. Emphasis will be laid on the recent Polio eradication declaration and how it was achieved through concentrated global efforts at vaccination. The event will be comprised of interactive talks, discussions and a quiz competition for the participants. Two speakers are planned to give a brief talk at the event on issues related to achievement of better immunication coverage world-wide and the limitations for the same. Pre-eminent speakers from neighboring children's hospitals have been invited and we are awaiting confirmation from them. Audience will be sensitized to the efforts of the UN and Shot@Life in making vaccines available to children all over the world.
Effective start/end date7/19/139/30/13


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