Silvicultural Prescriptions for Degraded Hardwood Stands

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TITLE: Silvicultural Prescriptions and Guidelines for Managing Degraded Upland Hardwood Stands A. PURPOSE: The purpose of this Research Joint Venture Agreement is to develop silvicultural and management guidelines for rehabilitating degraded upland hardwood stands. B. STATEMENT OF MUTUAL BENEFIT AND INTERESTS: 1. The Forest Service's interest in this agreement is to conduct research and provide relevant technical assistance to national, state, and private forest landowners. 2. The Cooperator's interest in this agreement is to promote the integration of research, instruction and extension to discover new knowledge as well as to address issues of importance to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the nation and the world; such as commercialization of wood products, sustainable forest management, logger education, harvesting BMPs, non-timber forest products, native habitat restoration, and environmental education. This research will also serve the Department of Forestry's mission to contribute to the economy of Kentucky. 3. The Forest Service's and the Cooperator's mutual benefit and interest is the completion of research and the development of published guidelines that will promote the rehabilitation of degraded forest lands.
Effective start/end date8/30/077/23/09


  • Forest Service: $7,500.00


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