Site Remediation Maxey Flats C1949: CL 2: FY22 Maxey Flats Nuclear Disposal Site

Grants and Contracts Details


CAER shall: 1. Provide support fo the management of data collected by CHFS for the Maxey Flats Nuclear Disposal site. 2. Assist in the preperation of annual reports necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the remedial alternative that has been implemented by the Settling Private Parties under the Federally Court Order Consent Decree Case #95-58 USA vs. US Ecology, Inc et al. 3. Assist in the review of documents related ot Balance of Remedy Phase and construction oversight. THis work shall be provided by CAER through utilization of professional staffassigned to the project. 4. Assist with the evaluation and management issues concerning waste containing radioactivity within Commonwealth. 5. Perform work on topics identified in the items listed in the summary of the Commonwealth of Kentucky major deliverables for the MFDS Consent Decree. 6. Provide additional support to the Radiation Health Branch (RHB) outside the direct scope of the MFDS project if necessary. These support activities may include, but not limited to, training of staff, review, validation and management of other radiological data/reports collected by the CHFS Verification Plan and Weekly Field Work to by conducted each non-holiday week and as required to support the Radiation Health Branch.
Effective start/end date7/1/206/30/22


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: $119,201.00


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