Soil and Water Conservation in Seasonal High Tunnels: Evaluating Approved Practices and New Innovations for Resource Conservation

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This proposal, entitled "Project Title: Evaluating Soil and Water Quality in Seasonal High Tunnels and High Innovations for Resource Conservation" is grant under in the USDA-NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant Program administered by the State of Kentucky Natural Resource Conservation Service. Dr. Krista Jacobsen (UK Department of Horticulture) will direct the project, with Dr. Brent Rowell (UK Horticulture) as co-PI. The scope of work involves study of verifying the environmental benefit of lands under seasonal high tunnels of various sizes and configurations, including movable, stationary, and low-footprint tunnels. Soil organic matter dynamics and nitrate leaching will be measured in all tunnel systems, and soil quality will be surveyed using NRCS Soil Quality Test Kit standards in high tunnels throughout the state of Kentucky. The ecological footprint of various high tunnel models and food produced under tunnels will be measured. This project includes development and evaluation of the cost and environmental effectiveness of low-water input modifications, and drafting construction and design guidelines and train farmers on correct installation of the proposed practices.
Effective start/end date9/1/138/31/17


  • Natural Resources Conservation Service: $73,222.00


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