Soil Health - Baseline Carbon Content of Edge-of-Field Monitored Watersheds in Western Kentucky

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We will assess the soil health parameters of total C in the surface soils of 18 edge-of-field water quality monitored watersheds in western Kentucky. Total C will be assessed in 2 depths (0-10 cm and 10-20 cm) major landscape positions in these watersheds at a density at a range of 20 x 20 m grid. Weather cooperating, these samples will be collected post-harvest in watersheds over a 3-year period and analyzes will be conducted over a 4-year period. The purpose of this study is to establish a baseline of C content in these monitored watersheds prior to installation of BMPs. Samples will be collected after harvest in the summer (Corn-Soybean-Wheat rotations) or fall (Corn-Soybean rotations), provided the weather cooperates with sampling schedule.
Effective start/end date8/17/207/14/25


  • Natural Resources Conservation Service: $250,000.00


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