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Project I Evaluate the current State Emergency Operations Plan against the current Department of Homeland Security Planning Guidelines, the National Response Plan and the National Incident Management System. The deliverable wilt be a report showing how well our current plan meets the requirements as stated in the previous documents and also highlights any areas of non-compliance. If available, the DHS NIMS Capability Assessment Support Tool (NIMCAST) will be used as the primary document to evaluate the plans. Otherwise existing guidance ( letters, information bulletins, grant guidance) from the Department of Homeland Security would be used to develop the report. A high level financial impact statement showing the estimated fiscal impact implementing the INRP and NIMS will have on State and Local Governments will be included as an annex to the final report. Project II Reorganize current "task oriented" State Emergency Operations Plan and County Generic Operations Plan from their current structure into a plan structured by NRP Emergency Support Functions (ESF), Support Annexes (SA) and Incident Annexes (lA). The deliverables for this project will be a Table of Contents!lndex listing each ESF, SA, or lA, a short explanation of each and then listing which of the annexes and appendices of both the State and County Generic EOP's would fall under the specific emergency category and include as a separate list any annex or appendix that would not fit under any of the listed categories. This Table of Contents fIndex will provide a general guide to follow if and when we change the State and County EOP's are brought in line with the NRP. A high level financial impact statement will be included as an annex to the final report. This will show, in general terms, the estimated fiscal impact to the State and Local budgets ifthis change is implemented. Project III - If Funding and Time Allow Review the current operating procedures and organization ofthe State Emergency Operations Center against the NIMS, Incident Command System and make recommendations as to how best reorganize the physical structure/layout of the EOC as well as the organizational structure of the EOC to bring it into compliance with the NlMS!lCS.
Effective start/end date7/1/056/30/06


  • KY Department of Military Affairs: $72,000.00


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