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This proposal is to support South Carolina Department of Social Services (SC-DSS) in its ongoing implementation and refinement of the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) tool as an assessment and referral/triage tool in its trauma informed, evidence-based social services. The following steps are proposed in the use of the Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM) framework for this process. 1. CANS Technical Assistance and Consultation. • Mike Cull, PhD will serve as the CANS implementation lead, providing consultation to SC-DSS leadership on areas of implementation including (but not limited to): integration of TCOM and the CANS in workflows, practice, policies and procedures; participate in meetings and workgroups with SC-DSS leadership and other stakeholders and develop materials as needed to facilitate the implementation of the CANS. (remote, 2-days in-person) • Other members of the team will provide targeted technical assistance, consultation, and support to address specific phases of the implementation, including (remote/11-days in-person): i. Algorithm Development, Advanced Analytics ii. Reference Guide: Technical Assistance and Consultation iii. CANS Training November 2019 – August 2020 2. Algorithm Development, Advanced Analytics. • Dr. Lyons and his team will provide technical assistance, consultation and analytics for the development of SC-DSS Level of Care (LOC) decision support algorithms (placement and rates) including: o test current LOC matrix with existing CANS data (data cleaning, analysis and reporting); o develop and test initial decision support models for level of care for placement and rates (data cleaning, analysis and reporting); o Consultation and technical assistance with SC-DSS LOC expert panel, including two (2) days of in-person consultation. o Additional algorithm testing and revision (data cleaning, analysis and reporting). Advanced analytics and reports will also be developed as needed. (remote, and 2-days in-person) November 2019- February 2020 3. Reference Guide Technical Assistance & Consultation. • TBH faculty and the TCOM workforce development team will provide technical assistance and consultation for the development of a South Carolina CANS 2.0 Reference Guide and online certification course o Development of the South Carolina CANS 2.0 Reference Guide o Development of the South Carolina CANS online certification Course for January - February 2020 4. CANS Training. • After completion of the South Carolina CANS 2.0 Reference Guide and online certification course, Dr. Lyons and Mark Lardner, MSW will provide in-person training, and CANS coaching support as follows: i. Two (2) TCOM for Administrators trainings (half-day) ii. Four (4) full-day TCOM Overview & South Carolina CANS 2.0 Orientation trainings, up to 75 trainees per training maximum 1. Complimentary access to the Praed Foundation Collaborative Training Website will be provided, up to a maximum of 300 users, access to expire 30-days post in-person training date. iii. Two (2) full-day CANS Training of Trainers (TOT), up to 35 trainees maximum; iv. Two (2) half-day CANS Collaborative Action Planning Trainings; v. Two (2) half-day CANS Supervision Trainings vi. Up to six (6) coaching support calls/webinars for CANS Certified Trainers 1. Coaching support via webinar to be provided after the CANS TOT event • Training dates, location, and registration to be determined by SC-DSS. • Upon completion of the South Carolina CANS 2.0 training, the TCOM team will administer the Collaborative Helping Quality Inventory (CHQ-In) Survey to assess the implementation, and identify areas needing additional support. March 2020 – August 2020
Effective start/end date11/1/1910/31/20


  • South Carolina Department of Social Services: $137,500.00


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