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Abstract / Project Description: In this Preventionllntervention project we propose to replicate and extend the impact of the KYCROPS project in two additional states in the Southeast Region. The KYCROPS project Integates NIOSH CROPS plans and installatinos in Agricultural Power Equipment & Mechanics programsin 8 Kentucky school districts. The KYCROPS project was originally funded through a SCAHIP feasibility study and was expanded through additional funding to include 8 Kentucky school districts. Sixteen (16) CROPS have been retrofitted on tractors in eight (8) rural Kentucky counties, including three (3) Appalachian districts. Students were engaged in identifying community needs for CROPS installations, and through a supervised project constructed and installed the CROPS. For the expansion, students will construct and install 2 CROPS on identified tractors/per each of 4 school districts in the three intervention states (KY, TN, NC). Increased installations of CROPS will reduce exposure to crush and roll over injury and fatality in the targeted communities. The multi-state project outcomes are: (1) social media and marketing strategies to increase students' and public knowledge & awareness, (2) teacher professional development workshops for CROPS construction and installation, (3) implementation issues, if any, associated with the projects, (4) the number of CROPS installations pre- and post the project implementation year (24 anticipated) and (5) dissemination of findings and strategies in local communities as well as with state and national agricultural educators at NAAE and ISASH
Effective start/end date9/30/019/29/14


  • National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health: $82,617.00


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