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Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention Project Summary/Abstract The Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention (SCAHIP) at the University of Kentucky proposes to continue its long history of serving as one of the NIOSH Centers for Agricultural Safety and Health for 2022-2027. The Center, founded in 1992 on a land-grant university campus, provides multidisciplinary collaboration from colleges of agriculture, engineering, public health, education, medicine, nursing and the Cooperative Extension Service from universities in the Southeast. We propose 6 Research Core projects: Postsecondary- Community Safe Farm Steward & Advocate Program; Timber Safe Resource Center: Reduction of Central Appalachian Logging Hazards through the Implementation and Diffusion of a Tested Logging Operations Safety and Health Management System; Farmer Mental Health in the Southeast Region: Community Networking, Access and Support for Farmer Well-being; Exposure Risk Assessment and Respiratory Disease Prevention Associated with Grain Production; Vector-borne Disease Assessment and Prevention among Farmers and Forestry Workers; and a Pilot/Feasibility Program. The Center’s theme, “Multidisciplinary partnerships to improve agricultural safety and health in the Southeast,” is distinguished by our emphasis on serving vulnerable farm populations while addressing persistent and emerging agricultural safety concerns. The region served by the Center will continue to be 9 southeastern states of AL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA and WV. The Center will evaluate its impact on the following priorities and NIOSH Strategic Goals in the agriculture and forestry sector: prevention of injuries from unsafe equipment and work practices on farms; a reduction in logging injuries and fatalities; providing training and information on resources and support for mental health among the agriculture population; reduction in exposures and risks for respiratory diseases from grain dust exposure; and surveillance and risk reduction for vector-borne diseases. Through our Pilot/Feasibility, Outreach, and Emerging Issues program we will work with our many interdisciplinary partners to continue address a wide variety of problems in our regions. The Center benefits from strong institutional support from multiple colleges within the University of Kentucky and collaboration with researchers and partners at many other universities, professional organizations, and farm and forestry families in the Southeast. A major goal of the SCAHIP leaders is to prepare the next generation for enjoying safer and healthier work on our region’s farms and forests.
Effective start/end date9/30/229/29/27


  • National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health: $3,833,425.00


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