Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention: Progressive Agriculture Pilot

  • Rice, Laura (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Dr. Rice collaborate with Progressive Agriculture Safety Field Days Program, that recently requested the Southeast Center for Agricultural Health & Injury Prevention (SCAHIP) to develop and implement a program geared toward 13-15 year old at risk rural youth using the SILO short documentary film. SILO is a 10 minute digital feature film developed by professional filmmakers that focuses on a grain engulfment situation and rescue. A SILO Discussion guide was developed for the film for use with teen-agers who would view the film in agricultural education classes or at community events (FFA for example). The goals for the project are: ~ Develop a partnership with Progressive Agriculture Safety Field Day Program & SCAHIP ~ Design, and develop a program for Progressive Agriculture Safety Day Program that integrates the SILO Film and Discussion Guide into a Safety Day Program format ~ Implement a the Program as a beta prototype ~ Evaluate and refine the program. Deliverables for the Project are: ~ Integrated portfolio of lesson plans and resources that include (and perhaps extend) the SILO Film & Discussion Guide ~ Training Guide for Lesson Plans and Resources for use by Progressive Agriculture Field Days Personnel who would be conducting the pilot implementation (they are paid by PAF) Training would be conducted via Zoom digital video conference and recorded for evaluation purposes. ~ Evaluation of Pilot Implementation ~ Partnership Plan for further Outreach Work with Progressive Agriculture Field Days.
Effective start/end date9/30/169/29/18


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