Southeast Quality Milk Initiative: Implementing Science-Based Recommendations to Control Mastitis & Improve Milk Quality in the Southeast

  • Coffey, Richard (PI)
  • Arnold, Laura (CoI)
  • Garkovich, Lorraine (CoI)
  • Bewley, Jeffrey (Former CoPI)

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This proposal addresses USDA AFRI Program A5113 Extension-Driven Disease Prevention and Control in Animals focusing on dairy cattle mastitis. The dairy industry in the Southeast (SE) is in serious jeopardy. A significant decline in the number of dairy farms coupled with lower milk yields and production of lower quality milk poses serious problems for the sustainability of the SE dairy industry. Our approach for improving the sustainability of the SE dairy industry is development of a collaborative outreach, educational, and applied research program on mastitis control assembled by milk quality professionals from six Land-Grant Universities in the SE. We will indentify economic and social factors affecting limited adoption of practices known to control mastitis, and develop strategies to counter the rationale for non-adoption. Information from applied research and on-farm demonstrations will be packaged for educational and outreach delivery to stakeholders including dairy producers, veterinarians, university students, and extension personnel using innovative methods of delivery including DAIReXNET and Spanish translations. We will train producers and emplyees to utilize current and newly developed tools to make on-farm decisions that improve milk quality and increase production. We will develop continuing education programs to create human resources needed for a more knowledgeable work force to promote millk quality. Implementation of cost effective mastitis prevention and control strategies for the SE region will result in higher milk quality, increased milk production, and improved profitability, all of which will benefit dairy producers in teh SE and enhance the sustainability of the dairy industry in this region.
Effective start/end date2/1/1312/31/18


  • University of Tennessee: $597,645.00


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