Southern Central AIDS Education Telehealth Training Center

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Proposed Project SCAETTC is uniquely positioned to respond ofthis RFP as it builds on longstanding successful delivery of clinical, educational and research activities by the University of Kentucky (UK), to patients and providers in medically lUlderserved KY. SCAETTC will leverage the existing infrastructure ofthe Kentucky Local Performance Site ofthe Southeast AIDS Training and Education Center (KY LPS), a HRSA funded AIDS Education Training Center that delivers HIV medical education to providers. SCAETTC will collaborate with University ofKentucky Healthcare Continuing Education Central (UKHCCEC), an accredited full service continuing education program for clinicians which uses sophisticated web-based tools with worldwide reach. In addition SCAETTC will collaborate with Kentucky Telehealth Network (KTHN), a statewide interactive videoconference network that brings specialized healthcare resources from UK to commlUlity healthcare facilities across KY. SCAETTC will partner with Research and Engagement for Advancing CommlUlity Health programs (REACH) located at Rural Health Centers in KY which facilitates engagement among commlUlity practitioners to address the health-related needs and contribute to the improved health of communities. The SCAETTC will expand access to, and improve health and health outcomes for hard-to-reach, HIV -positive persons residing in medically lUlderserved areas (MUA). The efforts of SCAETTC will enhance the capacity of community-based clinicians engaged in HIV health ... care delivery systems in the state ofKY and throughout the US through the utilization of telehealth technology for clinical consultation, education and training, and development ofan informed support system for trainees built on the infrastructures ofthe previously established KTHN, UKHCCEC, REACH and KY LPS. Proposed Services A multimodal educational approach will be initiated. We propose to build and launch on UKHCCEC, accredited enduring materials, available 2417 to augment content delivered live via KTHN. To meet the diverse educational training needs of community-based providers live, needs assessment based activities will be used; clinical case conferences, skills building trainings, clinical consultations, technical assistance, and an eLearning Community. Population Group(s) To Be Served We have identified 91 cOlUlties in KY that have been designated as Medically Underserved Populations (MUP) and/or MUA. These areas will be cross referenced with disease prevalence maps to identify those MUPIMUA's that coincide with counties with low prevalence. The four Ryan White Clinics in the state ofKY will be asked to contribute names ofprimary care providers who (1) refer patients to their services, or (2) currently provide primary care services to their patients. We will establish 10 multidisciplinary teams, with 8-10 culturally diverse clinicians on each team. One provider who is a key prescriber will be appointed team leader for each site. Key providers will provide primary care to fewer than 25 HIV patients. In addition, enduring materials and eLeaming CommlUlities have the capacity to reach learners nationwide.
Effective start/end date7/1/126/30/13


  • Health Resources and Services Administration: $200,000.00


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