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USD.-\ plans to establish a unified network of public agricultural institutions to identit~ and respond to high risk biological pathogens in the food and agricultural system. Th~ core of the network will be 5 animal and 5 plant Core diagnostic labor:1tories plus 6 Satellite animal diagnostic laboratories dispersed strategically around th~ country. Th~y will de\'elop a two-way. secure communications network \\'ith other uni\'ersity :1l1dSr.:H-: Department of Agriculture diagnostic laboratories throughout their respecti\e regions, These Core diagnostic laboratories will be responsible for deploying standardized diagnostic approaches for identitication of exotic and domestic pests :lIld patlwgens that are of biosecurityconcern. A plant and animal disease diagnostic database will include test procedures,experts, and identification data. These efforts will supplement other initiatives and provide Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) back-up and independent confirmation of diagnostic results.
Effective start/end date7/1/026/30/07


  • University of Florida: $197,882.00


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  • Scope A: Insect Identification

    Townsend, L.


    Project: Research project