Southern Region SARE Sustainable Agriculture Training Program - Professional Development Program - Assistant

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This is the second year of Dr. Paul Vincelli and Brett Wolff as the Kentucky SARE team. In addition to his leadership of the program, Dr. Vincelli has brought expertise in the areas of climate change, cover crops, and GMO technology. Brett acts as a networker for the program, identifying new opportunities for collaboration and new venues to share SSARE resources. In the past, KYSARE has supported a number of smaller sustainability-related programs. This year, we are focusing on a few high-impact projects that promise to amplify the financial commitment made to them: - Southeast Kentucky Ag Outreach Symposium o A gathering of sustainable agriculture outreach professionals from the southeast part of the state to define priorities and receive professional development. - Genetic Engineering Education o Programming aimed at Ag outreach professionals detailing the science-based pros and cons of genetic engineering for sustainability in agriculture. - Extension Associate Professional Development Scholarships o Providing travel opportunities for Extension Associates to attend sustainability-related conferences or workshops in or out of the state. In 2017-18, we plan to meet with our Advisory Committee once in-person and once via teleconference. In the last year we have expanded our network to include more livestock and grain producers and we intend to develop these relationships further in the coming year.
Effective start/end date7/1/176/30/20


  • University of Georgia: $44,444.00


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