Southern Regional Center for Food Safety Training, Outreach and Technical Assistance Continuation, and Lead Regional Coordination Center

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Objective 1. Continue to develop and deliver region and stakeholder specific education, training curricula, and technical assistance programs. The University of Kentucky FSIC currently has several training curriculums specifically developed for the target populations identified in the RFA, which we would like to include the Add�]on Trainings. Continue to professionally educate and develop Cooperative Extension agents on FSMA related material. The University of Kentucky we are lucky enough to have a robust Extension program including Agriculture & Natural Resources, 4�]H Youth, and Family & Consumer Science representation in all 120 counties. This system is a powerful source of trainers that should have the opportunity for training in this critical food safety material. Objective 2. Evaluate the impacts of education, training and technical assistance programs. The FSIC would be very interested in assisting in determining the impacts of select Programs.
Effective start/end date9/1/188/31/22


  • University of Florida: $21,000.00


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