SPEAC-OUT: Making Communication Happen (Speech Pathologists and Educators Adopting Collaboration and Optimal Use of Technology)

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ABSTRACT SPEAC-OUT, an interdisciplinary project, proposes to develop and implement a program designed to prepare special educators and speech-language pathologists to collaborate in development and delivery of effective communication interventions for students with severe disabilities using in-person and distance learning applications. Outcomes: 1) Recruit and prepare 32 Scholars to successfully complete an evidence-based interdisciplinary program of 9 credit hours in addition to established requirement for both disciplines. 2) Provide shared learning experiences, including evidence-based practice seminars, technology- enhanced integrated practicum experiences, technology delivered instructional practices, and collaborative assignments. 3) Provide 2 years of post-graduate mentorship and coaching.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/26


  • Department of Education: $742,436.00


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