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Kentucky Department of Education Office of Special Education and Early Learning Contract Proposal 2023 - 2024 Improving Educational Results and Outcomes for Students with Disabilities Through Supporting Effective Teaching, Learning, and Systems Improvement Scope of Work Briefly describe the contracted services and how those align with the OSEEL’s goals. The Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) Special Education Consortium will bridge the work between local IHE Special Education Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs), the state leadership team for Kentucky Excellence in Educator Preparation (KEEP), the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), Special Education Regional Technical Assistance Centers (SERTAC), and their partner school districts (LEA) to increase learning outcomes for students with disabilities. The work of the IHE Special Education Consortium is to support the following KDE OSEEL Priorities: 1. Effective instruction: Improve instruction for students with disabilities, specifically mathematics instruction to support the State Systemic Improvement Plan work 2. Discipline practices: Improve discipline practices for students with disabilities 3. Stakeholder engagement: Improve the communication and partnership between IHEs, KDE, SERTAC, and other stakeholders 4. Attract, recruit and retain: Partner to work toward a robust teacher pipeline
Effective start/end date7/1/236/30/24


  • KY Department of Education: $119,525.00


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