Special Olympics Inclusive Health Resource Development and Advisory Services

  • Eisenbaum, Elaine (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Dr. Elaine Eisenbaum, HDI, will support the explansion and improvement of the Special Olympics International (SOI) Center for Inclusive Health. The focus of this work will be on two key streams of effort: 1) universal design advisory services and resource development; and 2) advisory services on the development of inclusive health resources for a fitness and wellness audience. Universal Design related work will include the following: 1) Draft universal design toolkit or resources 2) Provide expert support on the topic of universal design through presentations/discussions at webinars, conferences, and through phone calls. 3) Deliver training on universal design at Inclusive Health Workshop in February to new cohort of Inclusive Health grantees 4) Provide ongoing advisory services on universal design to SOI health team to ensure the products and the website site adhere to best practices Dr. Eisenbaum will also consult closely with the SOI Fitness team to ensure coordination and the use of universal design principles on fitness resources. This work includes supporting the SOI team to identify and prioritize which audience to target within the Fitness and Wellness space (i.e. Personal trainers, Gyms, Community wellness organizations, etc.) to help refine the approach and focus efforts. The work also includes consultation on the following items: 1) The development of a list of testimonials from fitness industry leaders on why inclusion/inclusive health is important (both for organization itself and society) 2) The development of a list of emerging practices of inclusive health in the fitness/wellness space 3) The development of case studies of inclusive health practices in the fitness and wellness space to serve as examples for others. 4) Advising as needed on the development of inclusive fitness and wellness resources, including an animated video on an inclusive gym, a general sports conditioning guide, three sport specific conditioning and training guides, an injury prevention guide, both a coach and fitness professional inclusive training and youth and school inclusive fitness guides.
Effective start/end date10/1/183/31/19


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