Specialty Crop Organic Grape Production in Kentucky

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This work proposes the development of high tunnel cropping systems designed to consistently produce a variety of specialty crops year-round in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner, while increasing food security in the state of Kentucky. The objectives of this work are to 1) establish a high tunnel research facility that incorporates stationary and moveable high tunnels 2) develop crop rotations for high tunnels that enhance food security in rural and urban areas through consistent production of nutritious foods, 3) develop low input fertility regimes that enhance soil and environmental quality and reduce input costs in high tunnel systems. Project outcomes include: 1) production and rotation information for a suite of specialty crops grown in high tunnels, 2) enterprise budgets for crops for each season they are produced, 3) development of future federally-competitive grant proposals based on project outcomes, grower feedback and the development of a network of stakeholders working on food security issues.
Effective start/end date4/15/1010/15/12


  • KY Department of Agriculture: $20,000.00


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