Spectroscopy of Main Group Reactive Intermediates

  • Clouthier, Dennis (PI)

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In this project funded by the Experimental Physical Chemistry Program of the Chemistry Division, Clouthier will conduct research on the electronic spectra of main group intermediates. These intermediates are based on Si, Ge, and Sn atoms, whose chemistry is significantly different from that of carbon atom-based molecules. Information about the electronically excited states is very sparse but is of great importance to the reaction chemistry of these species. The results of these investigations will be of importance to the physics of interstellar clouds and circumstellar atmospheres, as well for CVD fabrication of industrially important thin films. Our basic understanding of the behavior of the chemical vapor deposition process for the fabrication of industrially important thin films, as well as for the molecular modeling of interstellar clouds and circumstellar atmospheres is not well developed. While the chemistry of molecules based on the carbon atom is well understood, this is not the case for molecules in which silicon, germanium, or tin atoms take the place of carbon atoms. This research is directed to provide information on the properties of such molecules. The studies will be conducted with the assistance of students, postdoctoral research associates and collaborators from other institutions. Students will gain experience in modern techniques of molecular spectroscopy in preparation for advanced studies or entry into the scientific/technical workforce.
Effective start/end date7/1/026/30/06


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