SPR 13-455 Signal Timing Needs and Training

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The high turnover in KYTC personnel has created a need for continual recurring training on basic signal timing for district traffic engineers. In addition, the consultant community often lacks this fundamental skill needed to retime signals without requiring additional resources from KYTC. The objective of this study is to develop online, interactive training on basic signal timing so that the signal timing training may be delivered on demand to those who need it. The following topics would be included: basic signal phasing, overview of Wapiti W4IKS Tables 1 -25, thorough coverage of isolated signal timing, 170 controller programming using manual methods and TransPHAT, conflict monitor basics, and installation of Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrows. The training would be a series of several modules with the intended audience of traffic engineers and experienced signal techs. The training may also be offered to individuals outside of KYTC such as city employees, contractors, and consultants. The benefit of this study is to further educate those involved with signal timing, which provides the opportunity to improve safety and reduce congestion at traffic signals statewide. This training will provide on-demand signal timing training to new employees, employees new to traffic operations and consultants on basic signal timing procedures, and provide an online platform where new topics may be addressed such as the recent deployments of flashing yellow arrows. The result will be a decreased demand on cabinet resources for training and signal timing assistance and an increased efficiency in developing and inputting new signal timings in the field.
Effective start/end date7/1/136/30/14


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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