SPR 13-463: Rapid Inspection of Bridge Decks Using Multiple (GPR) Antennas

  • Rister, Bradley (PI)

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Previous SPR research has proven that GPR can successful be used to scan bridge decks to identify deteriorated areas for overlay quantities for bridge decks. However, thresholds on when-to and when-not-to use the technology has not been clearly defined. This project will help determine when high accuracy GPR scanning should be performed and when traditional methods of determining bridge deck deterioration should be deployed. It is hoped that the findings from this project can cut the annual change order rate, of approximately $800,000 per year, for bridge deck overlay projects by sixty-percent by deploying the appropriate technology on the right projects. In efforts to complete this research task the following objectives will be used as a guideline to complete this scope of work: 1. Review the current state of practice for using multiple ground penetrating radar antennas for rapid bridge deck inspection. 2. Evaluate the costs associated with using multiple GPR antennas for bridge deck inspection and identify when to use and when not to use the technology for anticipated cost savings. 3. Develop project selection guidelines and specifications for using GPR for rapid bridge deck inspections.
Effective start/end date7/1/146/30/15


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