SPR 13-464 Coring and Evaluation of Bridge Decks

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The primary objective of this study is to evaluate bridge concrete to identify the absorption of damaging materials and concrete microstructure and correlate these findings with various service factors (ADT, condition, bridge type, etc.). Bridge deck deterioration is a major maintenance expense for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. The main source of that deterioration is the infiltration of chlorides from winter deicing operations into the deck and other structural concrete. The chlorides cause reinforcing steel to corrode creating expansive corrosion products that crack and spall the concrete, while this mechanism is understood from a mechanistic perspective, the rates of chloride intrusion, reinforcing steel deterioration and onset damage vary due to a variety of factors that have not been assessed for Kentucky bridges The information gained from this project will be used to develop additional bridge evaluation guidelines to assist Cabinet staff in determining the most appropriate maintenance treatment and optimal time of that treatment. This will result in the more efficient utilization of the funding which may be available, by not only addressing the worst condition, but the condition, that if repaired may provide the longest service life increase.
Effective start/end date7/1/136/30/14


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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