SPR 14-480: Spatial Database for Intersections

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The Kentucky Transportation cabinet has expressed interest in a maintainable intersection database for many years. With the ever increasing dependence on spatial data, a spatially-enabled intersection database would benefit many areas of transportation. Several years ago, KTC conducted a research study on crashes at intersections. The resulting database has been used by the cabinet for safety analysis and prioritization ranking. Unfortunately, this database was created for safety analysis and has not been maintained and is now out-of-date. This research aims to create a maintainable database that the cabinet can include in their enterprise system. The database would be spatially linked to other features allowing its attributes to be updated with major roadway changes. The development of this database will include input from planning, traffic, safety, maintenance and information technology to ensure that the database will be sustainable. The database will include attributes based on input from the study advisory team.
Effective start/end date7/1/146/30/15


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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