SPR 14-489: Redefining Commercial Vehicle Permitting/Credentialing Violations

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The primary project objective is to provide a policy assessment of potential legal and financial benefits the state can derive by redefining some commercial vehicle permitting and credentialing violations as civil penalties. The project will identify all vehicle permitting and credentialing violations currently codified as criminal misdemeanors by state law. Researchers will obtain data from the Administrative Office of the Courts about the disposition of such cases in order to assess the prevalence of case dismissals and the amount of lost Road Fund revenue. The investigation would include an analysis of current policy impacts on commercial vehicle drivers in terms of CDL suspension, revocation, as well as other financial impacts. Researchers will identify best practices in other states and analyze whether such practices could be implemented in Kentucky. Suggested legal and policy changes will be developed, along with an implementation plan.
Effective start/end date7/1/146/30/15


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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