SPR 15-497: Bridge Deck Reinforcing Steel Cover Verification by Utilizing Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  • Rister, Bradley (PI)

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The reinforcing steel on a concrete bridge deck is required to have a minimum amount of cover. After a bridge deck is completed or rehabilitated KYTC verifies the concrete cover over the reinforcing steel using a pachometer. If deficiencies in the amount of cover are found then the bridge deck is cored to verify the pachometer results. Unfortunately, several variables such as lapped bars and negative reinforcing steel can affect the accuracy of the measurements taken by the pachometer. This project will investigate the use of GPR as an alternative to the pachometer testing of reinforcing steel concrete cover thicknesses for bridge deck QA/QC. The objective of this project is to provide a new method for evaluating the concrete cover over the steel reinforcement on both new bridge construction and bridge deck rehabilitation projects. GPR technology can be more accurate, more thorough, more cost efficient, and safer than the current standard of practice of utilizing the older pachometer technology
Effective start/end date7/1/146/30/16


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