SPR 15-503: Truss Bridge Rehab Cost/Tools

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The KYTC is facing a rapidly dwindling stock of historic truss bridges and is expected to show efforts leading to the preservation of candidate bridges. The KYTC is having difficulties estimating the rehab cost for these bridges since it does not have the tools to develop accurate rehab cost estimates. Such tools do not exist and there is interest in developing ways to translate the AASHTO rehab-replace guidelines into a more useable process for truss bridges in Kentucky. 1) Produce a guide to evaluate and estimate rehab costs of historic truss bridges in Kentucky; 2) Develop a training manual for KYTC personnel on estimating rehab cost of historic truss bridges; and 3) Conduct a course for KYTC personnel on evaluation and rehab cost estimation of historic truss bridges..
Effective start/end date7/1/146/30/18


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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