SPR 15-506: Evaluation of Steel Sign Posts Specification and Design

  • Pigman, Jerry (PI)

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The objective of this research study will be to verify that the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet utilizes specifications for steel sign posts that are crashworthy, provide improved guidance on sign installation procedures, and achieve more consistency in field applications of steel sign posts. Kentucky’s steel sign posts have not been thoroughly evaluated for many years. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet expertise in this area was lost when sign maintenance responsibilities were transferred to the Division of Maintenance and the subject matter experts left the Cabinet. A thorough evaluation of steel sign posts will require a thorough and dedicated effort that involves multiple Divisions (Maintenance, Traffic, Construction, and Materials) and Districts. Tasks necessary to achieve the objectives will include the following: 1. Verification that steel sign posts are crashworthy for our soil conditions. 2. Evaluation of whether two types of sign posts are still necessary. 3. Evaluation of splicing techniques (including the existing Standard Drawing). 4. Evaluate sign support specifications/procedures for temporary traffic control signs. 5. Identification of limitations of current sign post systems and/or deficiencies in current sign installation procedures. 6. Recommend modifications to current specifications and sign installation procedures (potentially including a sign installation handbook).
Effective start/end date7/1/146/30/16


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