SPR 15-507: Development of Improved Method to Determine Advisory Speeds on Horizontal Curves

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The objective of this research study will be to create and validate a streamlined, field-based method to accurately and efficiently determine advisory speeds for horizontal curves. Appropriate curve advisory speeds can be determined by several methods. Most of these methods are time-consuming and have the potential for error. This research will be to develop and test an automatic and time-efficient process using electronic devices and software for identifying curve advisory speeds. The developed process can be validated against the results of a manual measurement process. It is anticipated that a more automated methodology will allow for efficient and accurate data collection. Accurate and efficiently determined advisory speeds will assist KYTC personnel properly sign horizontal curves resulting in a safer driver environment. The initial task will include a review and evaluation of existing methodologies used to determine advisory speeds for horizontal curves. Selected methods will be further analyzed and tested to determine accuracy and feasibility for application and further testing. Data collection procedures, equipment, and software will be pilot tested. A procedural guide for field personnel will be prepared for collection of data and application of equipment and software.
Effective start/end date7/1/146/30/16


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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