SPR 20-583: Investigation of Driver License Issuance Alternatives

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In Kentucky, Circuit Court Clerks are currently the primary agency (with a few exceptions) authorized to issue original driver's licenses, renewals, and duplicates as mandated by KRS 186.410. Under the current license distribution model, 120 clerks operate 142 offices throughout the state. Some clerks are reconsidering their roles, as the costs associated with operating these offices and maintaining the necessary infrastructure are quite high, particularly in rural counties with little customer traffic. Implementing state and federal policy mandates can be logistically challenging for a largely decentralized association consisting of counties with significant variance in available resources. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's Division of Driver Licensing is already involved with several aspects of driver license issuance and oversight (e.g. commercial driver's license administration, driver history record maintenance, driver license reinstatement, etc.) and maintains several regional field offices. KYTC officials would like to investigate whether it makes more sense to centralize and modernize driver license issuance in Kentucky. This study would document current driver license issuance laws, policies, and procedures; examine existing studies on modernization; survey other states about their driver license issuance policies; develop an alternative distribution concept and document the necessary personnel, infrastrncture, and capital requirements; conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the status quo and alternative model; identify potential funding mechanisms; and recommend best practices.
Effective start/end date7/19/196/30/20


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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