SPR 20-584: Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Dashboard

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The study will update the Cabinet's list and methodologies for TIM performance measures and develop an integrated tool (dashboard) for performance tracking and evaluation of effectiveness of TIM improvements. The objectives of this study will be to: 1. Conduct a literature review on the current state of practice of other states with a particular focus on the institutionalization of TIM. 2. Produce an expanded list of TIM performance measures for Kentucky: Roadway Clearance Time (RCT), Incident Clearance Time (ICT), Secondary Crashes (SC), and Responders Struck By (RSB). 3. Evaluate and document additional resources, tools, and technologies needed for the performance measurement 4. Develop a Kentucky TIM dashboard for periodically updating and tracking performance measures. 5. Develop and document sustainable procedures for evaluating and monitoring the state of TIM in Kentucky, including making recommendations for any changes necessary.
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/20


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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