SPR 20-587: Integration of 3D Radar Technology into KYTC Operations

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K.YTC and K.TC have a unique opportunity to explore how a 3D radar system could best facilitate KYTC operations by imaging sub-surface features along its highway system. With the recent equipment award from SHRP2 Round 7 Implementation Assistance Program Advanced Methods to Detect Pavement Delamination (R06D), we now have the hardware to collect full lane width three dimensional sub-surface data at and/ or near highway speeds. However, the software component that supports this system needs more development to be applicable to determining pavement layer depths, finding voids and/ or water entrapped beneath pavements, identifying utilities, to determining deterioration on bridge decks. This project's scope will deploy the newly acquired 3D Radar system on a select number of K.YTC projects selected by the SAC and develop software applications that can be utilized by K.YTC to assist in determining any/ all subsurface features that can help KYTC officials make more informed design decisions as it relates to roads, bridges, and tunnels.
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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