SPR 20-588: Merging Multiple Existing Geotechnical Databases to New KYTC Geotechnical Report Database (KGGS-Based)

  • Sun, Liecheng (PI)

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Multiple data sources of geotechnical information reside in KYTC District Offices, KYTC's Central Office, and at KTC and KGS on the University of Kentucky's campus. There are also undocumented geotechnical data sources at different district offices in individual employee computer files which may soon become unavailable as those individuals retire from or leave KYTC. To move this information into a cohesive database, K.TC, KYTC, and K.GS will collaborate to populate a preexisting geotechnical database that is currently available as an Arc View product. This will provide KYTC with access to existing geotechnical field data that will be beneficial when preforming future geotechnical site investigations. The objectives of this research are to: 1) Merge the existing historical geotechnical database from KYTC's Oracle Servers with a KGS-based relational database; 2) Acquire geotechnical district-level geotechnical database inf01mation; and 3) Hold group and individual workshops to tl1e staff in central and district offices to help iliem understand the procedures of collecting and using data in a web-based all-encompassing geotechnical database.
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/23


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