SPR 20-592: Transformation of KYTC Maintenance Rating Program

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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's (KYTC) Maintenance Rating Program (MRP) uses statistical measures to evaluate the condition of highway infrastlucture as well as the Cabinet's performance. A customer survey determines which assets are measured and their weighting in the final score. A longestablished benchmark for the aggregate score is 80 (out of 100). Responding to performance management and asset management receiving heightened attention, this project will review current items on which data are collected and targets and compare them to asset management and performance management initiatives. It will identify data collection categories that the process would benefit from adding as well as potential adjustments to the scoring process that may accompany changes in data collection. The project will review how other state agencies incorporate quality assurance programs into their performance management and/ or asset management. Researchers will pay specific attention to condition assessment and inventory collection by asset class to identify asset needs, assist district-level prioritization of maintenance activities, and prepare a business plan for the district and statewide levels.
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/21


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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