SPR 20-593: Bridge Load Posting Based on Load Testing

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In Kentucky, a number of bridges on US routes lack design plans and are load rated/posted based on engineering judgement. In addition, some super load permit and OW /OD trucks are traversing these US routes. The AASHTO guides and standards that assist engineers in load rating such bridges often lead to very conservative load postings. A number of studies conducted nationally and in Kentucky, highlighted this point when comparing load postings based on field tests versus engineering calculations. The objective of this study is to conduct field-testing on a representative group of bridges to determine their in-situ load capacity and recommend a load posting. The significance of this study lies in the accuracy of the load rating and the confidence it provides to the Cabinet when load posting bridges on US routes. The objective of this study is to conduct load rating of bridges lacking design plans through field load testing. Five selected bridges will be field-tested and load rated based on the test results. This leads to an accurate load rating methodology for bridges without design plans. This study will also provide the guidelines for field testing bridges traversed by super load permit and OW /OD trucks.
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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