SPR 20-595: Evaluation of Alternative Rumble Strip Designs

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Kentucky's current centerline rumble strip design was selected over 15 years ago at a time when there was limited experience with rumble strip implementation in the state. At the time, Kentucky's centerline rumble strip design was based on designs from other states. Kentucky's edgeline rumble strip design was also developed in a similar manner. Since Kentucky's initial rumble strip designs were adopted by the state, there has been additional research/ experimentation in other states with alternative designs such as shallower cut rumble strips and sinusoidal/ mumble strips. Application of these alternative designs in Kentucky could result in improved rumble performance, reduced damage to new pavement, decreased noise pollution, and allow reinstallation of rumbles on thin overlays/microsurfacing. This research intends to synthesize the advances in rumble strip technology over the past 15 years to identify and evaluate technologies that would be suitable for implementation on Kentucky's roadway network.
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/20


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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